The Company Goshen Spice


The company Goshen spice /ጌሤም ባልትና is organized by four members for the sec of international trade business. This company aims mainly to sell online Ethiopian Spices Listed in our SHOPE HERE to Ethiopian lives abroad or any Ethiopian Cultural food lovers with reasonable priceHigh Quality and Fast delivery.


Our even though our primary Vision is to keep our customers satisfied by delivering high quality products within reasonable prices and faster delivering service; also it is our goal to grow our company very fast to go beyond our customers need by increasing our services daily and by increasing our capital optimum level and final to be number one world on line food and spice company.

Goshen Coffee

Our Mission

  • Quality
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Fast Delivery

Our Location

  • Addis Ababa
  • Ethiopia
  • PO.Box : 171017

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