Our Goshen Spice/ ጌሤም ባልትና  is Organize in 2020 to give better service for Ethiopians living abroad by supplying major Ethiopian cultural foods, raw material and spices By four team members. Our company is under development and we are adding new products continuously based on our customers need. Our company Currently selling , Ethiopian special pepper/ የተደለዜ በርበሬ, normal peppers/ ያልተደለዜ በርበሬ, mitmita, Wight and Dark Teff, Kolo, kinche, Bulla, dirkosh, Coffee and many more other products. 


Team Members

Muluneh Tolessa
Director and web desgner

Engineer | Website developer | MS Excel Expert | Exc. Director and web-store controller. 

Mengesha Hachalu

Lawyer | Business Planner and Administrator

Chaltu Urgessa
Production andstore manager

Engineer | Production quality controller and manager.

Sorsani Chalchisa
Supply Chain Manager

Customer Order, local store and Product Delivery controller

You are in good Store if you need

=> Qulity                               

=> Delivery on time           

=> Reasonable Price         

=> Real time assistance  

I like Ethiopian Cultural Food and I would like to prepare it at my home here in Paris but, I have missed this products in store before i see this store. I am happy to see your here Goshen…..

Getaneh kinfe


Wow… I like you are based in Ethiopia and deliver real and original products from country of origin, you are my primery food store from my home land /biyya dhaloota koo irra…..

Lammesa likisa